Top 5 Public Administration Careers to Pursue

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Whether you are looking to get your masters in public administration, science, or computer information; or if you have held your masters for years, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of public administration jobs you can pursue. Some of them are more readily available or higher paying, and your career choice depends on your personality as well as location and education. Below are five of the top careers in public administration.


Public Administration careers frequently include government professionals who analyze information, oversee budgets and expenses, draft and implement policy, manage resources, and do safety inspections and audits.  City Managers and County Managers frequently have educational backgrounds in public administration.  However, other career possibilities exist in this area.

A business mediator is a neutral party that evaluates the needs of two business parties that require each other’s services but have reached a deadlock in the negotiations. The business mediator will question each party at length and work to reach and agreement that both parties will find fair as well as fulfilling.

Another job in the public administration field is a customs inspector. These officers enforce the nation’s laws for every person and item that leaves or enters the country. Their primary duties include locating and confiscating contraband, collecting import duties and preventing illegal aliens from entering the country. Customs inspectors are located in every international airport, seaport and land border making this a widely available job in most parts of the world.

One of the best careers for those that prefer an active lifestyle is private investigator. This job offers many hours out of the office following people in order to gain evidence about them. This career investigates people for unlawful or other questionable activities. This career commonly gathers evidence for civil cases a few work on capital punishment cases as well as criminal defense cases. Commonly insurance companies use private investigators for suspicious claims. On a personal level, spouses and partners hire private investigators for child custody, alimony or marital property disputes.

The final career on this short list is a systems analyst. In this workforce, you will research problems, plan a solution and recommend software or systems, at a functional level for business or developmental requirements. While a systems analyst may know the basics of computer programming, they do not typically work with hardware or software development. The short description of this career is being a liaison between venders and IT professionals. They often perform cost analysis, design considerations, training plans as well as implementation time lines for the finial program, hardware or system.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in public administration make up more than half of all government jobs. New jobs are created daily, this does not guarantee you work, but offers a better chance than in other over-saturated fields. Work can be found in local and state governments as well as federal governments. Educational institutions, private sector as well as many organizations need workers in the public administration field. Those that enjoy travel there are public administration jobs in the Foreign Service that will appeal to the traveler at heart.

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