Preparing Your Business for Renovations


Perhaps you’ve decided to give your business a fresh new look, or maybe business is doing so well that you have to expand. Whatever the reason for your renovations, if you plan to stay open, here are some tips to make sure the disruption doesn’t disrupt your business.


First, make sure you have all your bases covered. Do you have all the proper permits? If you have neighbors, have you reached out to them to let them know? If there will be noise, lost parking, or anything else about your renovations that will affect them, you absolutely must let them know. Renovations are usually messy, so make sure you have plenty of containers for the debris and try and keep them out of the way. Don’t park one on the street in front of your business if you can help it. Not only does it block parking but it could become an eyesore that keeps people away from your business. You can check online for the lowest price dumpster rentals.


You should also have signs made up for your windows or doors announcing you’re currently undergoing renovations but are still open for business. Apologize for the mess and any inconvenience (for example, if you’re a grocery store and renovations are forcing aisles to be moved or rearranged). If possible, try and arrange for the bulk of the work to be done after hours or at least not during your peak traffic times.


When the work is finally done, don’t forget to hold a grand reopening celebration to show off your new look and thank your customers for their patience. Offer a few special discounts or promotions to show them how much you value their loyalty.


Renovations can be stressful, but with some careful planning and a little patience they can really pay off in the end. 

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