Managing a warehouse in winter

managing waregouse

With the summer drawing to a close, businesses must begin to make plans for the change in weather and what impact this could have on their warehouses and other storage facilities.

Things to consider include ensuring that all stock stays safe and the elements are not able to get to it.

For those firms that hold a large number of different products, it can be a difficult task to make sure that everything stays absolutely safe throughout the winter – especially if the UK experiences anything like the conditions that have been seen in recent years.

Beware of slips and trips around the warehouse

Slips and other such accidents increase in likelihood during the autumn and winter season for a number of different reasons:

•  There is less daylight

•  Leaves can easily fall on to pathways leading into warehouses, making them slippery

•  The cold weather can cause ice inside and outside the warehouse

•  Snow can build up in the surrounding areas of a warehouse, which can make it tricky when moving around the building

One of the main gripes of some people in the winter is how dark it is for long periods. Businesses need to ensure there is enough lighting around the workplace for the staff to be able to see and avoid hazards that may be on the ground.

The easiest way to combat this is to ask staff about the quality of light or the main internal routes they may use during the day. If any hazards can’t be seen clearly, then the lighting needs to be improved.

Regulate the temperature

Companies need to think about regulating the temperature in their warehouses as the cooler months roll in. There are minimum temperature working conditions, so it is important that firms do all they can to regulate this.

Employees shouldn’t have to spend hours on end throughout the day in their coats just to make sure they are warm enough.

Carry out any maintenance work before the winter sets in

Companies have still got a few more weeks until the colder weather really sets in, so any maintenance work that needs to be carried out should be done now when the conditions are more favourable. These jobs may include the likes of mending certain parts of the roof or making sure everything is draft-proof.

Temporary structures could help firms to save money during the winter

If a company’s current warehouse is not conducive to keeping certain types of product from spoiling – or if it is not big enough to house all of the stock – then temporary structures from the likes of CopriSystems could be helpful.

Effective in all weathers, temporary buildings can be useful to a company as it doesn’t have to be tied down to a long-term contract. Firms can sign up for just a short period during the winter and then revert back to the original warehouse when the weather warms up again.


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