Keeping customers happy: Top tips for restaurants

good customer service

Running a great restaurant requires a lot of successful ingredients to come together in order to make a memorable experience. When customers are leaving the venue, they should be talking about how they have had a wonderful meal and how they would be happy to recommend the establishment to friends and family.

Good food and a great atmosphere gives a restaurant character and means people will be talking about the location for a long time, but this has to be followed up by an increase in custom if restaurants are going to be successful. Customer reviews are a great way to show off your establishment, but they do not necessarily mean trade will receive the necessary boost. Because of this, eateries should not be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to advertising.

Promote, promote, promote

Promotional products are a great option for a variety of business, including restaurants. Not only do they target customers effectively, they also ensure that brand messages last longer and create loyalty. Best of all, the option is extremely cost-effective. Research carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) highlights the value associated with branded items, as 69 per cent of those questioned said items are used as part of product giveaways, while 13 per cent use it as a call to action.

There are a number of options open to restaurants as they seek to encourage individuals to return. Here is a quick guide to some of the possibilites they can use:


A BPMA study found promotional pens – such as those on offer from 4imprint - are the most popular product with senior marketers, as 35 per cent purchase them. It’s not hard to see why so many businesses use writing instruments when looking to advertise themselves, as not only are they really practical – who doesn’t need a pen most days? – but they will always be relevant. When staff are handing over a cheque in a restaurant, it is a perfect opportunity to give a pen with it and this will be much more warmly received than mints or a card.


Keyrings are a really handy way of keeping all of your keys together and they will be used nearly every single day. This presents restaurants with a great branding opportunity, as if their logo is engraved on the item then it will stay in their mind for much longer. Creating a positive impression with customers is essential to success and this is one of the best ways to do this. You could even get a range of different colours and styles, so returning customers can still benefit from them.


Looking to stand out from the competition? Then giving customers branded magnets at the end of the meal may be the way forward, as this handy gift can be placed on the fridge and act as a reminder to people of your contact details. Whether it is keeping a shopping list secure or putting up a kid’s picture, families will always be able to find plenty of uses for these items in the home.


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