Here Is Some Branding Advice For 2014

Here is some branding advice for 2014 given by a marketing agency based in Manchester. At present, branding has become a very common subject. Every entity wants the best brand for their services and products. More to this, the introduction of social media has led to the need of personal branding advice for 2014. Every department including Human Resources, Information and Technology, Sales has contributed to this discussion that traditional advertisers have been having for decades. Some things are however uncertain; what constitutes a good brand? What effect does a perfect brand have on a firm’s income?

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One David A. Aeker, who is UC Berkeley Professor and a brand equity specialist, tries to address these issues in his book, Managing Brand Equity. According to David, a brand is something that is unique, passes the test of time and bought by the consumer. This is unlike a product which is manufactured, can become out-dated as well as be hackneyed by competitors.


In other words, a brand is something distinctive and is based on customer experience. It gives a buyer a positive experience with the branded product or service, therefore wooing him or her to buy even more. The aspect of enhancing positive customer experience has long been used by successful enterprises and has made brand marketing better. Firms have come to appreciate that the idea of buyer experience is the foundation of brand marketing. Industry trend-setters have figured that consumers who get a positive experience with a brand are marketing tools through recommendations. These customers are a company’s promoters and representatives.


The motive of having a good brand includes ease of purchase, quality products and customer service. The attachment of a good brand experience ranges from miniature products such as toothpaste and butter to large and significant products, say like cars.


Though the concept of favorable buyer experience is easy to comprehend when pertaining to products and services, it becomes challenging to apply it in personal branding. There are similarities between commercial entity and personal branding. For both, you have to distinguish attitudes, feelings and apparent value and quality delineation.  Strong associations also counts when it comes to any time of branding.


The above tips will serve as branding advice for 2014 and will help you come up with a personal brand, and a good one for that matter, for your social media (YouTube, Blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn to mention just a few). All you have to do is ask yourself questions such as, what firms like Disney, Coca-cola, Nike and any other brand you admire do well. With these answers, you can understand the constituents of a long-lasting and outstanding service or product brand and thereafter create one for yourself.


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