Get your Business Ready for the Christmas Rush


It may only be October, but summer is definitely over and Christmas is fast approaching. The mornings are getting darker and the light is now closing in early; it won’t be long before we wake up in the dark and get home in the dark as well; now that’s a bleak thought. There are now less than 100 days to go until Christmas and, as a result, many shoppers are beginning to put their plans for the Christmas period in place already. You need to make sure that your business is ready to cope with this increased demand and, if you are, the potential rewards can be great. Here’s how you can maximise your chances of turning a bumper Christmas profit.


Creating a Contingency Plan

A Contingency plan or a ‘worst case scenario guide’ is vital for any business; particularly in the run up to Christmas. This is because winter is chaos for delivery crews and businesses alike, particularly as the weather turns. This means that, as December approaches, there’s a great deal of anxiety in the markets. Customers are desperate for their items to arrive before the big day in fear of looking foolish and companies are now more desperate than ever for the same in order to avoid negative feedback.

As the Christmas period will see widespread bad weather and an increase in demand, you have to have a contingency plan otherwise you’ll become overwhelmed and backlogged with orders.

Create a Diverse Portfolio

For this reason, developing a diverse portfolio of delivery companies is an ideal solution. This ‘spreading of the risk’ will mean that a greater percentage of your customers will be happy with the service you provide and, it also means that if one carrier is affected by problems, the majority of your stock will still be delivered on time.

Consider an Online Delivery Management System

If you do chose to use a number of carriers, however, this can be both time consuming and costly. Creating a balancing act is essential as, although the customer should always come first, you also have to protect your profit margin.

For this reason, factor in the additional costs when you’re creating your contingency plan. If expanding your delivery portfolio sounds like an idea that’s right for you in the build up to Christmas then why not consider adopting an online delivery management system. There are various advantages to adopting a delivery management system so; why not have a look and see if it is right for your business?

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