10 Useful Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers

Safety Tips

Safety Tips 10 Useful Safety Tips for Teenage DriversThe first time a teenager gets behind the steering wheel is an important step in their lives. As a parent you need to be watchful so as to bring up a young driver who will be responsible and mindful of other road users. You should play a major role in managing their driving for safety and money saving purposes. Below are tips that will assist you a great deal in achieving this:

Talk to your child

It is always right to talk to your child when they are about to go through a major step in their lives. Explain to them the importance of safe driving and the dangers associated with irresponsible or dangerous driving.

Safe Driving Courses

More driving practice is what creates a good driver. You should therefore ensure that the teenager is under instructional driving for longer periods. This way they will get used to the road and manage to balance all aspect of vehicle driving.

Get a Safe Car

Safety and reliability should be the priority when choosing a car for your teen. You should go for the safest car that your wallet allows you to buy. Regardless of whether it is used or new, check for safety features such as airbags, antilock brakes, stability control and head restraints.

Have Your Own Graduating Program

Driving instructors might overlook some elements and you, being in a better position to understand your teen, should also have your own driving school. Continue monitoring their driving habits until you are fully satisfied that they can drive safely without your watch.

Explain Driving Costs

Teens that understand take part in the cost of driving such as gas, insurance, oil and tire change will be in a better position to take driving seriously and take care while driving. Have the teen participate in paying some of the costs once in a while.

Practice What You Preach

It is pointless to be strict telling your teen what they should do and not do while driving while you do the opposite. They will not take you seriously and at the end of the day, they will be irresponsible drivers who will be threats to themselves and to other motorist. Do not eat, call, or text while driving.

Discourage Teen Passengers

As much as this sounds mean, it is for the good of your child. In most cases when there is a teen passenger, the teen driver falls into peer pressure and might try something dangerous like over speeding or risky stunts.

Be Strict On Alcohol

Alcohol is a major cause of automotive accidents even among adults. Keep a strict rule against alcohol with dire consequences if the rule is broken.

Encourage Cleanliness

Apart from driving, the teen should take care of the vehicle through cleaning and ensuring that the vehicle is in a good drivable condition.

Reward Good Behaviour

If your teen obeys set rules and manages to keep a clean sheet, you can reward this behaviour with things such as longer rides and fuel refills. If the teen has not yet passed the driving test, you can get them a provisional driving license to allow them to drive around.

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